How much does a membership cost?

The initiation fees for both

year round and seasonal memberships are as follows:

Family membership is $350.

Couple’s membership is $200.

Single membership is $100.

The monthly fees for year round memberships are as follows:

Family Membership is $109.00 per month

Couple Membership is $64.00 per month

Single Membership is $39.00 per month

The monthly fees for our 4 Month Seasonal Memberships are as follows:

Seasonal Family Membership is $136.00 per month

Seasonal Couple Membership is $80.00 per month

Seasonal Single Membership is $49.00 per month

You may choose any 4 consecutive months for the seasonal membership.

All other Memberships questions please contact Cody Sessions at 1-801-678-6703

Court Fees:

-There is a court fee of $16.00/hr. for the tennis courts when it is necessary to heat and light the courts.

-There is No Court Fee May 1st – September 30th or when the the courts are not being heated. There will be a court fee of $16 if you use the lights during the summer months.


During what hours is the club open?

Eagleridge Tennis and Swim is open:

Monday-Thursday 5:00 am. – 10:00 pm.

Friday 5:00 am. – 8:00 pm.

Saturday 6:00 am. – 8:00 pm.

Sunday 12:00pm.- 4:00pm.


What is the guest policy?

The guest fee is $12 per guest per visit. Guests must be accompanied by a member of the club. There is currently no limit on the number of guests you may bring.


What are the hours of operation for the nursery?

The nursery is open:

Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 12:30pm

Monday – Thursday from 4:00pm – 7:00pm.


When may I use the nursery?

You may use the child-care while you are playing tennis, working out or participating in a cardio class.

Please call the front desk to reserve a spot 1-801-397-2582.


How do I access the Member Handbook?

You may pick up a copy of the Eagleridge Club’s Member Handbook at the front desk, or you may view the handbook on-line by clicking on the following link: Club Member’s Handbook